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Welcome to the Wikia Guestbook! Inspired by the craze of autograph books at Wikipedia, the Wikia Guestbook allows you to create a page that your friends and other wiki users can sign.

If you need help, please ask in the forum.

There are 5 steps and they're all described on this page:

  1. Get a user name
  2. Get a cool signature
  3. Create your userpage
  4. Create your guestbook
  5. Ask your friends to sign your guestbook

Get a user name

Log in or make an account. Once you have a username, you also get a place to create your own user page, your own discussion page, and your own guestbook where your friends can add their signatures.

Get a cool signature

Visit your preferences and add a signature.

Make sure you check the Raw signatures (without automatic link) box.

To get a sig like this:

Example ~~Sign my guestbook~~

add this code to the nickname box in your preferences:

[[User:Example|<span style="background:pink; font-family:Monotype Corsiva; font-size:14pt; color:black;">Example</span>]] <sup>[[w:c:guestbook:User:Example/Guestbook|<span style="color:chartreuse;"> ~~Sign my guestbook~~</span>]]</sup>

Feel free to change the colors and fonts. Make you sure you change "example" to your own user name!

Note: The w:c:guestbook: in the example above makes the link work across all Wikia sites.

Create your userpage

If you're logged in, you have your own user page. There's a link to it in the top right of every wiki page.

You can add information to your user page on which wikis you edit and a list of your friends who you want to sign your guestbook.

Create your guestbook

Your guestbook is a page where anyone on the wiki can add their autograph. You can put an introduction at the top and then add a ==Signatures== heading where people can sign and leave you a message.

Ask your friends to sign your guestbook

You can ask your wiki friends to sign by leaving them a message on their user talk page. Your user talk can be found here. You can leave a message for a friend on this wiki by typing their name in the box below:

To get even more signatures, you can invite your friends who aren't yet on the wiki. Use Special:InviteSpecialPage to easily send a message to everyone you want to sign your guestbook!

You can link to your Guestbook on other sites, such as MySpace like this:

<a href="">Autograph my page at Wikia Guestbook!</a>

It will display as:

Autograph my page at Wikia Guestbook!

Make sure you change "Example" to your username.

Already existing Guestbooks

Click here to add yours to the list.

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